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Countstar automatic cell counter


Countstar automatic cell counter is based on the classic trypan blue staining method which integrates the advanced optical imaging technology and intelligent image recognition technology. It has powerful analysis software system which integrates the basic counting function, cell morphology analysis, and cell analysis charts and data management capabilities.


Countstar main function 

1. foundation quickly and accurately counting function:

Application of high-resolution imaging system too, no manual focus, multi-perspective analysis, and high volume of multiple statistical sampling techniques to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of the results count. 


2. Innovative agglomerate cell correction functions:

For normal cells and easy to agglomerate cells different from the default mode, innovative and easy knot groups against cell agglomerates cell correction.


3. impurities rigorous manual correction function:

In the software based on the analysis of human remove impurities caused by foreign body bias the results.


4. one-stop statistical analysis functions:

Draw curves with cell proliferation (CTC), cell diameter distribution, cell agglomerate distribution map for each chart overlay analysis.


5. flexible data output function:

Countstar providing objective and rigorous forms of experimental data output report supports PDF, EXCEL, JPG output.


6. advanced data security features:

Equipped with a security key software operation, software and system settings for all user login privileges experimental results are automatically stored, and have a hardware security key, software operating authority, double security guarantees.








Countstar Technical Features

1. fast and accurate automated inspection: 20μl samples within 20 seconds ------ Quick accurate fit your experiment needs.

2. samples of broad detection range: Measuring concentration: 1 × 104-3 × 107/ml; Diameter: 5-180μm, can detect all kinds of passage cells and primary cells, stem cells, algae, plankton, yeast cells, white blood cells.

3. excellent professional-level imaging system automatic optimization: Professional 5.2 million high resolution optical imaging, a large shooting area, multi-field imaging, high statistical sampling volume, real-time display cell images, automatically filtered image background.

4. No manual focus, adjust the focus manually exclusion errors, reduce manual operation cumbersome steps.

5. economical supporting material cost: each sample measurement plate can detect five samples, the experimental results provide parallelism and repeatability testing, maximize cost savings for you laboratory supplies.

6. convenient one-button operation, small size, no special maintenance, full computer control, with a hardware key, perfect operation control and data analysis.


Test result

Cell concentration (total cells, living cells, dead cells), cell viability (trypan blue staining), average cell diameter, cell roundness, cell aggregation rate, cell diameter distribution, cell growth curve and statistical curve overlay.










Countstar technical data


Cell concentration:1×104—3×107/ml

Cell diameter:5-180µm

Sample volume:20µl

Test time:<20

Viability range:0-100%


Optical:white LED



Volume:206 mm×123 mm×346mm


Cell type: adherent cells, suspension cells, primary cells, stem cells, yeast cells, algae, white blood cells, particles, etc.

parameter: total cell concentration, the concentration of viable cells, dead cell concentration, viability, mean cell diameter, average cell roundness, agglomeration rate

Data export: Measurement results are automatically saved, the measured data can be output as jpg, pdf and excel format

Software function: Software with cell growth curve function can be an array of statistics on statistical curves superimposed.